Online Courses

Since 2020, my primary focus has been on creating interactive self-paced online courses. Here's what I've produced so far.

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CSS for JavaScript Developers

I started tinkering with CSS way back in 2007, and I stumbled my way through it for a long time. I knew enough to get by, but it always felt arbitrary and precarious. I would often be baffled when a property didn't do what I expected it to do!

Over the course of years, I started teaching myself CSS. When I'd hit some weird behaviour, or something I didn't understand, I'd settle into the problem like a warm bath. I'd poke and prod and research until I felt like I understood what was happening.

The difference was night and day. I had so many “Eureka!” moments, where I finally understood why something was happening.

CSS for JavaScript Developers is my attempt to share these epiphanies. It's a comprehensive course: over the course of 10 modules, we'll explore all of the major layout modes, and all sorts of other fun things.

Learn more by visiting the CSS for JavaScript Developers homepage.

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The Joy of React

Over the past few years, React has settled comfortably into its position as the dominant JavaScript framework. It's still growing, faster than any alternatives!

I'm not mad about it. I love working with React — I've tried Angular, Vue, Svelte… and I keep coming back to React.

That said, React has a pretty steep learning curve. This is especially true with modern hooks-based React. Once you get comfortable with it, it's a joy to use, but that process can be daunting.

The Joy of React is a beginner-friendly React course with one goal: help you build your intuition of how React works, so that you can use it to build rich, dynamic web applications. I want you to love working with React as much as I do!

It's built using the same dynamic, interactive course platform as my CSS course, and it will be released in full later this year.

Learn more by visiting the Joy of React homepage.