Bonus Goodies

Visit the Operator Lookup project

Operator Lookup

This nifty little project lets you type in or select a JavaScript operator, and it tells you about it!

I built this project because I was sick of forgetting what these blasted operators are called. Often I'll remember the operator's syntax, but not exactly how it works. I can't use search engines to find out more about them, since they ignore "special characters"!

Perfect project to bookmark for when you need it.

Visit the Effective Portfolio project

Building an Effective Dev Portfolio

This is a free 70-page e-book that teaches you how to build a stand-out portfolio site.

Especially for folks early in their careers, your portfolio of projects is your greatest asset. And your portfolio site is your showcase, your chance to present these projects in the best possible light.

This book is a condensed how-to guide, to help you land that critical first or second job as a software developer.

Visit the CSS for JavaScript Developers project

CSS for JavaScript Developers

So many JavaScript developers hate working with CSS.

It's understandable; the language can be frustrating and opaque, and it can be hard to get in the groove, to find that flow state.

With a bit of deep learning, however, it's absolutely possible to feel confident and comfortable with CSS. And with a mastery of both JS and CSS, you'll be an unstoppable force.

Download the React Spring cheatsheet

React Spring cheatsheet

React Spring is an awesome animation library that leverages spring physics to create fluid, believable motion.

It's known for being a little complex, and I found that some of the APIs were hard to remember. My solution was to design a printable cheatsheet, to help me remember the most common things I need to do.

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